“Papaflessia” Athletics Meeting consist a significant factor which mainly affect the development of Kalamata/ Messinia Sports Tourism.

 International athletics performances and the participation of top sports personalities from all over the world was a common and recurring phenomenon for the “Papaflessia” meeting. As a consequence, meeting’s popularity was "launched" inside and outside the borders, resulting in a series of beneficial benefits related to other areas, different from the competition itself.

The meeting pique the interest of media representatives and the state television (ERT) provides a live broadcast of the competition and popular sports websites engage this big annual event. "Papaflessia" in the role of "messenger" promotes Kalamata all over the world and consequently is an important city ambassador abroad.

Kalamata, through the meeting, enters a limited map of cities where special and favourable conditions for the development of sports tourism programs prevail. The participating athletes and their national support staffs distinguish the comparative advantages of Kalamata in this field, and as a consequence the city is internationally recognized as an exceptional quality destination for the training of sports ladders.

The long-term contribution of the Municipality of Kalamata and the Peloponnese Region in this area has been and continues to be of utmost importance through the provision of sports facilities, specialized training equipment and human resources.